Carter Jones Art Opening

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We invite you experience the beauty of Carter Jones “NIGHT VISION” – Friday, August 18 / 7-10pm. THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

What you should know and why we find his work so inspiring, Carter Jones is blind: In January 2013 Jones lost 100% of his vision due to Macular Degeneration and was declared legally blind. After consulting with many physicians, in March 2013 he chose to undergo experimental procedures which allowed him to regain 10% -15% vision in one eye. 

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It was during this dark time that Carter picked up a brush and painted his first post-blind piece. Although he had no reason to believe this endeavor to persevere could be a success, he sold the painting within one week. Soon his efforts blossomed and his works began to get recognition throughout the art world. Armed with a seed of belief that further medical study would help future fellow sufferers, he continues painful treatments to this day. 

Carter Jones Art Opening Friday, August 18 รป Closing: Monday, September 4, 2017