Dr. James Chappuis - Westside Cultural Arts Center Founder and CEO

Dr. James L. Chappuis

Owner & Founder

Dr. James L. Chappuis has long been a proponent of the development of Atlanta’s West Midtown and fostering the arts and cultural community in this neighborhood. With this in mind, he envisioned an Atlanta event venue that would also serve as a living gallery and cultural arts center. The result is an inviting, modern and elegant space.

While practicing as an orthopedic spine surgeon, focusing on spine solutions and designing new instruments for spine surgery, Dr. James Chappuis also became the founder of the Westside Cultural Arts Center in 2014. Purchasing an old warehouse, he transformed it into a warm and inviting location for art studios, gallery displays and events. As Dr. Chappuis explains, “Here, artists can be who they are. I think art should push the envelope; I’m attracted to artists who have something to say. For me, it’s a way to effect social change and raise social awareness. If artists can’t do that, who can?”

The Westside Cultural Arts Center often has a new exhibit and features local artists working in contemporary, abstract genres. It has been recognized through the years as an innovative and creative space for artistic expression. In 2019, the Westside Cultural Arts Center was recognized by The Venue Report as one of “39 of the Coolest Warehouse Venues Around the World.”

It is also a vibrant, innovative location for events of all types. Whether people want to celebrate a wedding, an engagement or have a corporate meeting, the Westside Cultural Arts Center is sure to impress and engage. It can be a lovely backdrop for any gathering, and it can also serve as an interactive and engaging setting for that event.

Dr. James Chappuis created the center and his passion and vision have allowed it to grow, change and develop over time. As he explains, “The Westside Cultural Arts Center is forming the anchor for the art scene in the Westside, thereby establishing a district in Atlanta that can become similar to Wynwood in Miami or the Meatpacking District in New York. These are places where artists and galleries flourish…where collectors can frequent with the satisfaction that they are part of a local and regional hot spot.”

Dr. Chappuis’s Vision

Founded in 2014 by Dr. James L. Chappuis, WCAC brings to life every element of your special event and offers countless ways to incorporate the custom-designed space not just as a backdrop for your gathering, but also as an interactive and engaging setting.

The WCAC team is entirely focused on going above and beyond for every client to ensure that your event is the very best it can be! Click here to schedule your visit to Atlanta’s most innovative and creative special event venue.

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